Paintings by Kathy Baldwin
When my heart is broken, the act of creation is a soothing balm. Poetry, gardening, beading, sewing, and decorating have all taken me by the hand and led me through the dark hall. But after I lost my sister Teresa there was no relief.

What is a muse? Someone or something that lights a creative spark. For me, it was a gentle, persistent push from Teresa’s essence that stimulated the flow of healing creative juice from the seemingly dry well of my soul.

In six short years I have gone from adding whimsical female images to Teresa’s sensual botanical photography to experimenting with hand-me-down art materials to voraciously devouring books, tutorials, and suggestions from artists whom I admire. In the past few months I have developed my own technique and been accepted into the first juried show I worked up the courage to apply to.

I have emerged from the dark well and am standing in my own light.

Every day the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge takes my breath away and reminds me to inhale the air of gratitude. On the exhale, I paint.

Kathy Baldwin
I start with mixing my own ink/paint with process colors to get the viscosity needed for my technique and the colors that make me happy. It's very messy and time consuming, but enjoying a glass of Maryhill wine and blasting Peter Gabriel or Moby makes this task feel like a night on the town!